Part of Silicon Valley’s secret sauce lies in the fact that it has built a regional ecosystem for 40+ years. This ecosystem is full of experienced startup founders, venture capitalists, engineers, startup-friendly universities and an array of enabling businesses. In order for a startup to achieve commercial viability, it needs a ready supply of money, talent, experience and mentorship. Over the past four decades, Silicon Valley has assembled this in abundance like no other place on Earth. On the other side of the country, the DC Beltway Region has over 3.5X more experienced cyber engineers than the rest of the country combined. Today though, this expertise is matched against a small pool of startup capital and even fewer of the startup ecosystem elements found in Silicon Valley. As a nascent startup ecosystem, the DC region has only a relative handful ofexperienced commercial tech CEOs, enterprise sales managers, product managers and investors that have sufficient expertise to be value-add mentors. DataTribe was created to address this gap between the overwhelming quantity of the DC regional cyber talent matched matched against the current limitations of the local startup ecosystem. Not only do we invest significant amounts of capital in Seed and A rounds, but we also directly address and alleviate the local ecosystem challenges with experienced mentorship, professional services support, and early customer access in promising global markets.


At DataTribe, we understood the state of the DC regional ecosystem and are actively helping to build the local ecosystem with support, mentorship, large investment dollars and importing talent from Silicon Valley. Our team is made up of experienced startup founders, as well as, top talent from Silicon Valley in Product Management, UI/UX, Marketing, Enterprise Sales and Strategic Partnerships. DataTribe startups move out of our launch facility after achieving Series A fundingwithin 12 months of seed funding. The companies move up the street or across the Beltway and continue to scale with increasing amounts of personnel and customers. Over time, the ecosystem effects will facilitate increasing number of elite technical talent who developed their skills in service to the country and have successfully transitioned into building startups in the DC area.


In 2015, the U.S. government alone allocated nearly $70 billion to technology-related R&D driving innovation ahead of the commercial curve. The technology and the market for commercial intelligence innovation are not in doubt.
— Bob Ackerman, DataTribe Co-Founder

The U.S Government pours hundreds of billions of dollars into our nation’s Intelligence agencies, research laboratories and technology-focused organizations to remain at the forefront of cyber defense and offense, protect our way of life and bring disruptive innovation to our world. It is at this nexus of the “nation-state versus nation-state” where we find technologies that are often three and four generations ahead of what is available in today’s commercial technology space. DataTribe was built to find those teams and technologies to bring their unique capabilities to the commercial marketplace. DataTribe builds startups that help keep our businesses and industries secure. Technologies that improve not only our world, but protect critical infrastructure, bring innovation to health, finance, commerce, and energy, in order to, advance our way of life.