DataTribe’s approach and operations are heavily influenced by leadership and strategy concepts developed by the Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6 to conduct “asymmetric warfare”. These concepts directly apply to commercializing technologies with the intention of disrupting large, established markets with entrenched incumbents.

In the SEAL teams, we use the motto ‘never fight fair.’ What this means is that they approach every challenge looking to create an overwhelming advantage. At DataTribe, we look to do the same thing for our startups.
— Mike Janke, DataTribe Founder & Former SEAL Team Leader

There are countless ideas and strategies published across thousands of blogs and books offering approaches for the best way to build a startup. DataTribe believes there is no “ magic strategy” or roadmap that will guarantee success -it doesn’t exist. However, there are many effective business principles for building a startup that are essential first-steps to success. Every market is different, every business is different and without a doubt, every entrepreneur and team chemistry is different. At DataTribe, we apply these time-tested early startup methodologies, while injecting unconventional strategies that come from the world of elite Special Operations. 

DataTribe is a unique team of former Intelligence Officers, Silicon Valley VCs and former Special Operations personnel that have built and successfully exited several commercial technology companies over the past 20 years as founders, CEOs and CTOs. We speak the “inside languages” of both the Silicon Valley and National Security communities. The DataTribe culture is about applying a hybrid of strategies from these two communities to build disruptive technology firms that are focused, fierce, and lean with sustainable foundations to take them to IPO and beyond.