We are unlike anything else in the startup world. We are not a startup incubator, studio, or a standard VC.  We co-build with startup teams step-by-step. We help build the product, define the roadmap and assemble the team. We facilitate initial pilot customers and ensure product-market fit. Our staff drives a tremendous amount of the “heavy lifting” of building the early blocks of the company. We are there hand-in-hand with the startup every step of the way through the A round. We partner with entrepreneurs who are alumni ofIntelligence Agencies, Research Labs and other innovative government-based organizations. We provide the business DNA, so that these experts can commercialize their breakthrough Cyber Security, Big Data and Analytics innovations. As entrepreneurs, founders, investors and former CEO’s of technology firms with backgrounds in the Intelligence Community, Special Operations, and Silicon Valley, DataTribe is built to be the bridge between revolutionary public-sector technology and commercial market opportunity. 


DataTribe is unique in that we provide up to $1.5M in seed funding and up to an additional $1.5M in A round funding. Our staff is located outside the DC Beltway in Fulton, Maryland and in Palo Alto, CA. DataTribe is supported by a network of top technology CEOs, CTOs, Product Managers, UI/UX, designers, enterprise sales executives and developers to accelerate our startups path to commercial success resulting in optimal resource allocations. There are two ways a startup can find its way through the early minefield of company building: one, is by trial-and-error -which we don’t recommend; or two,  find a map. DataTribe is that map.






• We fuse elite startup talent with Silicon Valley experience and startup resources.

•  We bridge D.C. area technical expertise with Silicon Valley business DNA. 

• We recognize and invest in the best technology talent from government.

• We capitalize on the R&D dollars that have already been spent on developing these technologies.

• We have internal experienced resources that provide mentorship and hands-on expertise.

• DataTribe is unique in providing extensive seed funding and A round funding for our startups.


Expertise in cyber security and analytics. A strategic pipeline to Silicon Valley’s startup DNA. A deep talent pool. Strategic partnerships and a robust early-stage investor network together give us a great advantage.
— Steven Witt, DataTribe Co-founder


History has proved that great technology by itself does not win the market. A DataTribe affiliation allows entrepreneurs to focus on creating disruptive new technologies, while our operating team enables fundamental business operations. This model gives entrepreneurs a higher probability of success in the market while minimizing dilution through capital efficiency.