The DataTribe model is great news for aspiring entrepreneurs from the DC beltway as it allows them to access capital, talent, proven expertise and a network of relationships that would otherwise be out of reach. This has two major benefits: it increases the odds of successfully getting to market and it reduces the amount of capital required. As a result, a DataTribe company can be formed with less founder dilution than a more traditional model and with a higher probability of success.

DataTribe is building a virtual bridge across the country, straight to Silicon Valley, where entrepreneurs can access everything they need to get off the ground.
— Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, a member of the House Defense Appropriations Committee & former ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.

DataTribe is built to ensure our startups avoid the usual pitfalls, short-circuit the success process, and make building a company an unfair fight. Not only do we invest in our startups Seed and A rounds, we also provide an entire ecosystem for our startups and truly co-build the company with them. We believe that in order for startups to be successful, they must have more than just money. Our team is made up of experienced startup founders, as well as, top talent from Silicon Valley in Product Management, UI/UX, Marketing, Enterprise Sales and Strategic Partnerships. After our startups move out of our facility after 9-12 months, DataTribe continues to support, mentor and assist our startups every step of the way.



DataTribe’s approach and operations are heavily influenced by leadership and strategy concepts developed by the Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6 to conduct “asymmetric warfare”. These concepts apply extremely well to commercializing technologies with the intention of disrupting large established markets with entrenched incumbents. There are hundreds of ideas, books and strategies pushed in the main stream consciousness about the best way to build a startup. DataTribe believes there is...